Being a women can be a literal pain.   Flo On The GO isn't just another monthly subscription box.

Flo On The Go is a buy one, give one box aimed at providing you with your feminine hygiene needs delivered each month to your door, while providing survivors of domestic abuse with monthly feminine products at no charge to them.


By choosing to purchase our Flo On The Go monthly subscription box you will not only receive your choice of pad or tampons, a sweet treat and a relaxing bath bomb straight to your door each month but you will be helping survivors of domestic violence.

Survivors of domestic abuse often times have little if no money.  What money they do have goes towards bills, food and providing essentials for their children.

Women often sacrifice their own needs to care for their family. This box provides much needed menstrual needs to women who may not otherwise have them. 

Life can be stressful...

worrying about your period needs shouldn't have to be.