Gina is an engaging speaker who shares from the heart. Her story will help you understand new possibilities. You don't have to remain stuck ... she'll give you practical ways to move forward.

-Lisa Rigoni, PR with Purpose

Gina has a very powerful message that will change your life, whether you are in an abusive relationship or not. She will educate you even in your current relationships that will protect you from common mistakes. Gina also encourages those who find themselves in abusive relationships that they have the power to change their situation. They don't have to be a statistic. She is brave at shining lights into dark areas and exposing the lies that keep us chained to unhealthy relationships. Don't miss a chance to hear Gina's story.  -Carla Green, Senior Pastor of The Lake House Church

Whether you are in need of Gina's message or not, the sad reality is that you will need to give it as a referral at some point. Be proactive in ending the cycle by being the person who knows how amazing this material is in empowering those in domestic abuse situations. Gina's process is critical to standing in the Power of ME and creating the life you deserve! This program was crafted with tears, perseverance, in the trenches learning, and sheer determination! Kudos to Gina for turning the mess into a message to help others! #BelikeGina

-Sherri Strohecker Leopold, Leader of the Stop Self-Bullying Movement.

Domestic Abuse Hotline


National Sexual Assault Hotline


Child help National Child Abuse Hotline


Suicide Hotline


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