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I believe you are important. Regardless of how devastating your past may have been, the mistakes you’ve made, or the pain, hurt, and trauma someone else has caused you. I also believe you deserve to live a happy, healthy and safe life.  Free from the affects of your past.  I know your pain and struggles. Click HERE to read my story.

Life coaching will help you by creating a supportive and creative environment that empowers, inspires, and encourages you to move forward towards their goal and to go from abuse to abundance.


I will provide you with the necessary tools to improve and challenge you, to improve your performance, achieve all goals whether they are small, medium, or large. Together we will focus on your dreams, goals, hopes and desires and healing We will turn them into a workable step by step program designed especially for YOU. Together we will tap into your full potential.

Take a look at the amazing and transformative coaching programs below.

Gina Lusardi,

Healthy Relationship Stylist &

Certified Life Coach

Are You Ready To Unpack Your Past So You Can Live Your Best Life On Your Terms?

Are you ready to reach your full potential, overcome obstacles and barriers that are hindering you from having the successful and fulfilling life you deserve? It's time to grow beyond what you think is possible!

Isn't it time to take back your life, to gain clarity, improve confidence, overcome obstacles & fears, turn your desires into results and create a plan to help you reach those results all while having a life coach to keep you accountable?

Isn't it time to live free from abuse, to live a life free of fear and trauma?  

To find out more click the link below

Getting back into the dating game and Reigniting Your Sparkle after an unhealthy relationship!

Are you ready to Reignite Your Sparkle by moving forward in life and in new relationships but feel that you need help making sure you don't make the same errors in relationships going forward?

In this one-on-one online coaching package, we will work together over a period of 8 weeks, allowing you to address deep-rooted issues and bring about more lasting change and build the life you've always wanted. 


To find out more click the link below.


When it comes to dating and relationships have you found that you need help navigating the whole thing?

Do you feel you are ready to finally attract that dream man you have been waiting for all these years?

If you are ready to find that relationship that is tailor-made just for you and attract that dream partner of yours then I encourage you to hit "Your Destiny Is Calling" button to learn more.

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