Meet The Team

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Gina Lusardi is the founder and CEO of our organization. At Speak Out, Get Out, Stay Out each day is a decision-making day where women decide to take control of their lives and break the cycle of abuse by reaching out for help!  Gina’s journey with domestic violence lasted 27 years. As a child of domestic violence, she saw and heard things no child should ever see or hear. As often happens, she went on to experience domestic violence in her own marriages as well, ranging from emotional abuse, physical abuse and attempted sexual abuse. At age 28 years old she was finally able to break the hideous cycle. God is now guiding Gina to turn her mess into a message for other survivors. She travels far and wide to speak to and mentor survivors of domestic violence.  Gina also speaks to organizations, companies and groups educating them on prevention and survival.

Board Members

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Makenzie Jackson

Board Member

Carla Green

Board Member
Board Member

Audrey Walling

Makenzie is a wife and a mother of two precious children.

She shows compassion to our staff and our survivors.  Makenzie is a woman of God and believes all women should thrive in life.  Makenzie helps assists survivors with administrative needs and assists with their education.

Carla is married and has three adult children and four grandchildren.  


She specializes in organizational development and strategic planning. Carla often sees the vision for where an organization is going and the skills to structure organizations to research the goals of their vision. Carla is often encouraging others to think bigger and helps people realize that God has designed each person for something amazing.  She wants the survivors of Domestic Abuse to realize that God has so much planned for them and there isn't anything that can't be restored and redeemed.  Carla is our fulltime Chaplin as well.

Audrey has made helping and advocating for others the central focus of her career. First, as a case manager for abused and neglected children then as a victim advocate for victims of domestic violence. As an attorney, she has continued this path. First, by prosecuting domestic violence cases all the way to jury trials, as well as child abuse and neglect cases. 

As someone who has experienced relationship violence, she uniquely understands the challenges that many survivors face within the court system. As a board member of Speak Out Get Out Stay Out, she seeks to empower and equip survivors to advocate for themselves and their children.

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