Our Story:

I founded Speak Out, Get Out, Stay Out in 2016. I answered God’s calling one fall afternoon while working in my yard. I asked God to help me find a way to turn my past and  pain with domestic abuse into something I could use to help others. I clearly heard “do something with domestic abuse” whispered to me by who could only be God. I founded Speak Out Get Out Stay Out shortly after and it has been rapidly growing and evolving to help victims of domestic abuse, big and small, break the cycle of abuse in their own lives since.


Our Mission:

My mission is to help domestic abuse victims go from abuse to abundance in their lives through education, prevention, and advocacy. I am dedicated to helping victims of abuse become survivors and to help survivors become thrivers in their own lives; on their own terms by help them speak out, get out and stay out of unhealthy and abusive situations.

Gina Kendall Lusardi, Founding CEO

Our Founder:

I am a domestic abuse survivor and thriver! I spent the first 27 years of my life living in one form of domestic violence or another. I survived childhood domestic abuse along with 2 abusive marriages. At the age of 28 I finally broke the cycle of abuse for good. 

I have made it my mission to make sure no man, woman or child ever has to live as a victim of domestic abuse.

Please click here to meet me and hear my story of going from abuse to abundance.


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