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5 Habits Of A Happy Girl

Jim Rohn said “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”

Many people think being happy comes from external factors but in reality, happiness only comes from within. While the outside world can change and throw curve balls into your life, a women who is truly happy knows that having great daily routines and habits are the key. Being happy is not a thing or an emotion, happiness is a choice, an attitude that must be worn daily.

Lets look at what a routine and a habit is:

Routine- a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program. "I settled down into a routine of work and sleep"

Habit- a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior; (habit of taking a morning walk) : an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.

So in other words, a healthy routine done on a regular basis leads to forming a habit, an involuntary action.

Women who are happy do not compare themselves to others. They know that they are perfect just as they are. They know that we each have our own gifts given to us at birth. Women who are happiest know that the gifts they have are unique and to be cherished while being an admirer of the gifts of others. An example of this is, you may not be able to carry a tune in a bucket but you admire those women who can belt one out. You are not jealous of her, you honor her and you applaud her talents and you get to share in her gifts too.

Women who are happy practice gratitude on the daily. They are well aware that when you put happy out, the the universe must give happy back to you. It's a law of the universe. They know that in order for good to come in you must put good out. You can't live a positive life with a negative attitude. That just isn't how it works. Women who are happy journal their gratitude everyday. Don't get it wrong and think their lives are all unicorn farts and rainbow slides, because it isn't. They have challenges just like you, but they make it a choice to be as happy as possible, they choose to find that one little glimmer of good within the darkness and they thank God for that small glimmer.

Women who are happy knows that she is enough just as she is. A women who is happy takes responsibility for your own life and the choices she makes. She knows that she is more then capable of bringing home the bacon AND frying it up all by herself. A women who is happy, knows that she wants a "partner" in life not a project and she is confident enough to say no. I have a saying and it goes like this: "If you want to come into my life and make it better, welcome. But, you are going to come into my life and make it worse, then you need to keep on walking." A women who is happy already knows her worth, she not only knows what she is bringing to the table, but she bought the entire damned dining room set. A happy women knows there are only two people that can make her "happy" and those two people are herself and God.

Women who are happy practice self care on a regular basis. A happy women will take care of herself by eating healthy food and by working out each week. Healthy food is medicine your body needs to function. A women who is happy takes the time out for mani's and pedi's, she schedules a massage each month, she takes 30 minutes each day by herself to go for a walk in nature and talks to God. Self care also pertains to spiritual health. Making time for God everyday is important, even if it is 10 minutes to say "Hey God, it's me. Thank you for waking me and my family up today. I love you, Amen"

Women who are happy help others by lifting them up. She goes the extra step, she gives someone in need the extra mask she has never used, she straightens the crown of a fellow sister in need, she volunteers her times, she takes time out of her day to spend it with her kids, just because.

Sometimes you need to be your own breakthrough. As a bonus, women who are truly happy know that they do not need a man to make them more, or better or anything. If you would like to see if you are in need of a dating make over click here.

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