• Gina Kendall Lusardi

Being alone does not equal lonely

It is normal for you to feel completely alone, but try to view this time as your chance to reimage, rebuild and reorganize your life. Give yourself permission to feel the anger and even safely act out your anger through constructive outlets such as screaming into a pillow, going to a gym and sparring with a punching bag, running, or walking. Physical exercise has a way of clearing the head and nurturing the soul while contributing to the overall health of the body.

Give yourself ample time to get over the initial mourning period of grieving for the end of a marriage or long relationship. Do not make life-altering decisions while in the middle of sadness, anger, or frustration at the current situation with the exception of abuse. If you are in an abusive relationship it is very vital that you seperate yourself and your children from the situation as soon as possible. At some point during this process you will want to start planning for the future

Love of self or self-worth is the soil from which all other aspects of your lives bloom. Lack of self love can be rooted deep in our lives. So what is self worth anyway? Self worth is the opinion you have about yourself and the value you place on yourself.

Grab your journal/notebook again. I want you to write down the things you want to take forward from your past hurt, the flowers in the middle of the sidewalk, the lessons, the happiness. What did it teach you, what strengths did you gain, what are the positive lessons it taught you. If you are ready to turn things that you used to survive into strength let's get you on the right path with a FREE destiny call today.

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