• Gina Kendall Lusardi

BYOB: be your own breakthrough

We have all had those less the chic relationships and if you are anything like me being a trouser browser was a real thing in life. I'm not saying you slept with every guy who looked at you or gave you a second look, I'm saying that you have had more then 1, 5, 10 relationships with the shiny ball syndrome.

You know the syndrome... hot guy walks in and you are like...damn Gina!! 😍

This is not a relationship it is a FWB (friends with benefits) situation. But man, why oh ,why do you get yourself all invested, dreaming this....this one is THE one!! I'm sure you know where this leads right? He runs out of your door and your life like a thief in the night leaving you heart broken and swearing off men forever!!

But let's not get our knickers in a twist here, you know I know that isn't going to happen. As much as you are the new president of the man haters club (for now), let's not go talking all crazy over here. Let's just simma down. You know you don't hate men, you are just not happy with them at this point.

While we are waiting for all that to subside let's help you get a breakthrough on how you can approach dating, men, relationships, yourself a little differently going forward, shall we? Yes, lets!!!

I know you are tired of dating less then desirable people and you are more then tired of having a string of less then fitting relationships, but we can fix that. Let's get rid of all those old broken dating patterns like a cheap leisure suit.

Isn't it time to wipe your eyes, fix your face, straighten your crown and glue those lashes back onto your beautiful face?

Check out this "Do You Need A Dating Makeover" assessment and then let's set up a time to talk about how I can help you treat yourself to a relationship make-over and say bye-bye to those old, so last dating season, patterns. Maybe you are like gurl... I don't need an assessment to tell me I need your help just give me the link to talk to you!! okurrr, I see you boo. Here it is: Make Me Over

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