• Gina Kendall Lusardi

Do you have the desire to heal?

Having the desire to heal is vital in living your best life and letting go of things in your past that has caused you pain. Are you at a crossroads and/or in a place where you are wondering why you have difficulty coping in some area of your life?

The latter is the hardest to meet head on because you have to take ownership that at some level YOU are getting in your own way due to holding on to the ‘perfect pictures’ you have created in your mind based on someone else’s truth or past pain.

When you have gone through or are going through a challenging time or having difficulty letting go of the pain you have several choices. You can push your feelins aside, pretend they aren’t there, blame someone else, ignore it altogether, stuff it deep down inside you or, you can own it and clear it. You certainly can opt for one of the first five however keep in mind that unless you actually take ownership and clear the pain you will continue to harbor its effects which sometimes lasts for years or manifests into a real illness.

You can’t heal what you aren't willing to face

In order to heal you must open Pandora’s box so to speak and this can be very scary. You must face your deepest fears, uncover the lies placed upon you and take ownership of your own words and actions. You must face pain, sadness and sometimes even grief. When you find YOU and connect with your truth the lies come flying out. It is an eye-opening time which might even translate into painful moments as you finally see the truth, accept it and take the time to heal the hurt. Acceptance creates a powerful healing and again it doesn’t mean that you condon the behavior. It means seeing and accepting the truth, releasing and filling up with forgiveness for yourself and others involved.

All healing is self-healing and you must truly be willing to see the truth as opposed to the jaded version you’ve seen and acted upon through filters of pain, blame or guilt. Choosing to walk the path of healing is not easy and takes courage so remember to be extra gentle and patient with yourself.

Everyone, young and old has scars. Here are some sign that you have unseen scars:

  • You have to be in control of everything and everyone

  • You have one or more addictions

  • You are very emotional and needy

  • You are emotionally shut down and have many walls

  • You don’t let people get close to you and are a loner

  • You run from relationships

  • You are quick to anger

  • You have a lot of jealousy or resentment

  • You believe you have no “baggage” and no old wounds

  • You wonder why you are not happy

  • You can’t have lasting relationships

  • You let fear run your life

  • You are afraid of getting hurt

  • You hold grudges and cannot forgive others

  • and on and on it goes

Do any of these sound familiar in your life? If so isn't it time to release yourself from the pain and start your journey to healing the pain?

The next step in your healing process is to seek help.

As a life coach this is exactly what I do. I help people heal from past pain so they can live in present and future happiness. I also help people:

  1. Identify your unseen scars and help you become more self-aware

  2. Learn more about yourself and where the scars come from

  3. Identify your blockages

  4. Release those blocks

  5. Identify your core values

  6. Link core values to your current situation

  7. Measure your success

If you have the desire to heal I would love to help you do so. Sent me an email at: speakoutgetoutstayout@gmail.com today.


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