• Gina Kendall Lusardi

Dude, I like your horse... you- not so much!!

Girl, I see you!! Heck, I've been you.

You get so freaking tired of having your heart broken, you get so freaking tired of laying in bed at night crying because you've been ghosted or your "boo" is out doing who know what or who knows who at any given time.

You have feelings for him, and you're being a good girl and staying true while he...well, he isn't. Can you feel me?

Life lesson learned right? Why are some men just down right pigs (aka players)?

Hmmmm... but are they? Stick with me here, I'm speaking from experience.

We (the one's laying in bed crying) say they are players or cheaters or what ever but are they? Are you two in the same COMMITTED relationship with each other or is one in a committed relationship and the other is in a FWB relationship? Ouch right!!? Girl I have been there too.

How do I say this?!

Has the dude you are crying over actually said to you that you are in a committed relationship? Have they been acting like you are in a committed relationship? If they are out chasing skirts or if they are keeping you away from their friends and family, then I'm sorry to tell you HE is not in the same committed relationship as you.

That is a bitter pill you will have to not only swallow, but digest. You've heard the saying "playa's gonna play"? It's true and congrats-a-freaking-lations to them. But you my dear are not longer going to be someone's beckon-call-girl. You ain't got time for all that nonsense. If he isn't in a relationship with you then stop being committed to him. You do not owe that fool a damn thing. Not a phone call, not an explanation, not a big old middle "f-you" finger, NOTHING. However, you owe yourself everything!! Re-read that line again.

So I need you to wipe your tears, erase his number and all his social media accounts...Yes ALL his accounts. Like the picture says "f-you and the horse you rode in on." It is time for you to get the man of your dreams. The man who will be right there in that bed with you, the man who will be at home with you watching tv and eating popcorn on a Tuesday night, that man who is super excited to have you meet his family and friends. Did you catch that... A man, not a boy!!

So let that loser go so he can wear his ass-hat with some bar-fly and let's get you the man you really want.

Check out this free download I've made just for YOU!

Remember, wipe your tears, erase his number and all his social media accounts...Yes ALL his accounts. It's time to get you the man you really deserve.

#fyou #horse #brokenheart #tired #tears #nottodaysatan

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