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Is Anna Duggar Being Brainwashed?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock I'm sure you have heard about Josh Duggar and his wife Anna Duggar. Recently I read an article by Fox News about how Anna Duggar should have divorced Joh Duggar years ago.

That article triggered a lot of things within me but as a human and as a survivor of domestic abuse. One source was quoted as saying " Anna should have divorced Josh after he admitted to cheating."

This article goes on to say "it appears she is a little brainwashed" and that "during his release he could have contact with his children only with his wife present." It also goes on to say "Anna is both guilty and a victim of association to her husband."

Ok so here is where my two cents comes in. From being a watcher of "20 Kids and Counting" to being anti 20 Kids and Counting I've observed a lot, just like most of you have and I've seen a whole lot of red flags in that family. I truly believe when Josh's parents covered up and hide the molestations that happened at the hands of Josh as a teenager that it laid the foundation for what is happening today.

While Jim Bob and Michelle claim they sent Josh away for "treatment" I highly doubt they sent him away for real treatment. Sending a person away to a spiritual retreat with a family friends is not going to help anyone. Unless a person is treated as a whole and not just a "God said this isn't a good thing" type of therapy then you are doing everyone involved a whole lot of harm. Another question I have is did they get those girls the help they needed or was it just a "don't tell our family's dirty secret" thing? Far, far to many times in abusive situations they only advice the victims get is "don't tell anyone what happened." Did they pay off the family of the "friend" of the girls he molested?

"It Appears She's A Little Brainwashed"

In watching this family over the years and being a survivor of domestic abuse I have noticed a lot a domestic abuse flags flying high. I've notice spiritual abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse, and reproductive abuse to name a few. While most parents only want what is best for their children and family the amount of patriarchal control I see in this family from Jim Bob honestly makes me feel like I need to take a shower a scrub the grossness and filth off of me. While Anna and Josh's relationship hasn't been as out there for all to see as Jim Bob and Michelle's one can only assume that there is also a lot of these types of abuse happening. Anna is a women just like me, I can only sympathize with her at the amount of humiliation, embarrassment, betrayal and confusion she must be going through.

Often times a spouse will use the Bible as a tool of control over their partner and family to exert control in the name of God. They will brainwash, gaslight and psychologically abuse their partner into submission again in the name of the Bible. Sure we have all heard about physical abuse but fewer of the general public knows about Spiritual Abuse.

It is a sad and dangerous state that the judge let Josh have contact with his children even with his wife there. They will use Bible verses and spew out scripter to make their family think that it must be Gods way because it says it right there. They are so brainwashed and controlled that they don't see that the word of God is being twisted. In my opinion Anna has been so brain washed and abused spiritually that she does not have the strength or ability to stop Josh or the Duggar's from exerting their control over her and the children. It is obvious that the elder Duggar's are not in any way going to protect the children as it has been proven in the past that they didn't even protect their own daughters from this messed up human. With no money of her own to fall back on she probably feels and is being told that she is to "stand by her man" in the name of God.

I am in no way defending Josh for his actions but I do believe that he has become a product of his up bringing and that until he gets himself into very intense therapy he will continue to be a sexual predictor. I am also a believer that Anna and her children need to find non-religious therapy for themselves away from all the Duggar's.

"Anna is both guilty and a victim of association to her husband."

I too believe that a federal investigation needs to be launched into the welfare of all of the Duggar children and into the involvement of Jim Bob and Michelle in this whole mess.

Domestic abuse takes many forms and runs deeper then the deepest ocean. Families often suffer in silence and live in fear of people finding out their secret. Domestic abuse is 100% preventable. Nobody should ever have to live under the control of another human being, EVER.


If you are living in a controlling or abusive situation there is help out here for you. I will list a few places you can contact to get help. I would love for you to go to my website: Speak Out , Get Out, Stay Out.... however, I want to make sure you get the help you need regardless of what site or link you may use.

Speak Out, Get Out, Stay Out


The National Coalition Against Domestic Abuse


Help By State

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