• Gina Kendall Lusardi

Keeping Your Values As High As Your Heels!

Values, Morals, and Standards. Do you have them?

It seems like in our current world those three things are sadly becoming out of style. Frankly, some people haven't a clue as to what the even are.

Let me spell the tea on what they are for you!

Values ​​are important mainly because they regulate human behavior and help to guide the aspirations that each individual has and his attitude towards life. In this sense, values ​​seek the development and well-being of people in a particular or group way. Values ​​can govern a person's behavior individually or collectively.

Morals are relating to standards of good behavior, honesty, and fair dealing, or showing high standards of this type

Standards are a moral rule that should be obeyed.

So there you have it, the definitions of Values, Morals, and Standards. If you do not have these in your life it is most likely you have been traveling a hard road.

Not only are these important to everyday life, but they are equally important in obtaining and maintaining a healthy relationship.

Do you are someone you know tend to be a rule breaker, a law breaker or just plain lives life in both a perpetual victim mentality where nothing is ever their fault and with a "my life sucks so I'm just gonna keep doing bad things" mode? Does this sound like anyone you know? Does this sound like you?

Every relationship is different, but sharing the same values in a relationship can improve and make it flow seamlessly in a healthy, non-toxic way. Establishing values as a couple can lay the groundwork for a stable and fully-functioning relationship.

Establishing your relationship values is a team effort. Each person is different, so each couple’s values will be different. However, there are some basic values that most couples share. These values are love, loyalty, mutual support, generosity, mutual respect, and communication.

A good relationship is one where communication is a two way street and trustworthy. Satir (1988) defines assertive communication as the ability to express yourself in a direct, honest, and respectful manner. Having good communication with your partner means that both of you have to commit to sharing your disagreements, accomplishments, failures, goals, and needs, among other things. Develop your ability to do this. Good communication means healthy bonds, mutual respect, affection, love, and commitment.

Relationships are a bit more complicated when you are just getting to know a person or you like someone but are unable to predict if it is long term. Some suggest you can never predict any relationship because things happen, while others may imply that past performance is an excellent indicator of future possibilities.

Which leads us to morals. Say your moral code is that you do not drink, smoke, or have sex outside of marriage, but you marry someone who does not share this same code. You may consider breaking your morals to suit your partner, but this is not something you will feel happy about or comfortable with. Although the both of you have lived all your lives with those morals, now that you’re dating or getting married, you want to flip a switch and make your partner realign himself with your morals because you’ve decided that these are going to be the morals that govern your relationship. It’s not going to happen. It doesn’t work that way.

To create and maintain a healthy relationship, your compass must show the same direction as your partner’s. If his moral compass is taking him this way, and your moral compass is taking you another way, then you’re simply not going to get to that destination together.

Many women are suffering in their relationships today because they didn’t set relationship standards. These women didn’t care about the kind of men they were getting involved with, they just wanted to stop being single.

The annoying thing is that these women who settled for less than they deserved in their relationships are the ones who will tell you that all men are useless. All men cheat, just pray and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus before having sex with him so that he won’t infect you with STDs.

The truth is there are good, loving, kind, responsible and respectful men in our society who love and cherish their partners. There are good men who don’t feel insecure about their partner's talents, jobs, careers, business and prosperity. There are men who treat their partners like the Queens that they are.

If your not wearing Values, Morals, and Standards as high as stiletto's then girlfriend you need to change your shoes!!

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