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Learning to function in the dysfunction of working from home during this crazinesss

Be aware of isolation

Loneliness and just the whole isolation factor is a huge issue with stay at home workers in general but it seems more so now than ever. Where it becomes really difficult to do anything outside of your own home be it the weather, the situation or both, you're going to have real isolation, real loneliness problems, and I do think that as long as we're evaluating the degree to which remote work works, we need to separate what is specific to the pandemic and what is specific to remote work. Specific to the pandemic, you're going to have a lot of extreme loneliness, a lot of forced child care at home. In remote work generally, the schools are going to be open, restaurants will still be serving food. You can go out and work at a café. So, you want to keep those two issues [pandemic and working remotely] separate. We have to keep telling ourselves This Too Shall Pass and it will.

Create a boundary between work and leisure (Don't work from the couch!)

As easy as it is to plop down on your couch or even your bed to work, remember the office is not your couch or your bed. You have to leave your couch or bed and go to the “office” in order to work. And that sort of division between work life and leisure time is really difficult to import back to your own living room, your own kitchen counter, your own bedroom. It's especially difficult right now, I should say during a pandemic, when you have schools canceled, the kids are home, the restaurants are closed. It's a very different situation right now than you might typically have. If you haven’t already, take a look around your home and find a place you can designate as “your office.” Set up camp there . Once you work from your couch, and your couch is where you watch Netflix and where you talk to your manager and where you write articles, that boundary between work and leisure completely falls apart. …

Create a work routine

"It's important, I think, to set up routines. What are you going to accomplish in the morning? How are you going to take breaks? When are you going to stop working?" It is important that you not only set up a work routine but a routine in general. Do you need to schedule some sort of exercise routine, time with God, time to make personal calls, give the kids a bath or put them down for a nap, or for them to do homeschooling. Not only will setting a routine help you but it will also help your kids with stability during this time. When you commuted to your work place you most likely had a set schedule of breaks and such. While working at home tends to be more laid back try adopting a routine to keep you focused. Take set breaks and a set lunch. Get off of your computer and eat your lunch at the table. Try not to eat in front of the tv as this can cause you to break your routine.

Communicate with our boss and co workers

We all understand that during this time there is going to be a huge curve in all areas. If you are struggling with keeping it all together or if your spouse is still working outside the home while you are working at home while trying to care for the kids that are either too small for school or are home with you due to the schools being out be sure to talk with your boss. Perhaps your “official” time working can be adjusted to be when your spouse is home

Get dressed

Boy have i found myself here during this pandemic i finally said; 1. Enough is enough get your lazy self in some actual clothes and 2. I’m a gal who needs to get dressed and put some makeup on so this stay at home is cramping my style. I have been, on most days, getting dressed even if it is in jeans and a nice shirt, brushing my teeth BEFORE noon and putting makeup on. It makes me feel normal in the abnormal.

Remove distractions

No tv, or unexpected phone calls. If you would not take the call at your desk at work then don't take it when you are working remotely. This will help you from being distracted.

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