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Mourn What Was Taken

We all have expectations in life, and yes, often those things do not turn out like we thought. It is ok, and healthy to feel the loss, to cry over what is gone or what has been taken, it is ok to be angry and feel cheated out of a dream or idea you had.

This blog is in conjunction with this video ( ). Mourning is a natural event that takes place when we have lost someone or something that we held very dear to us. While some may scoff a the idea of mourning something lost it is but the truth. If we do not take the time to process aka mourn lost relationship's and events then we will carry that hurt an perhaps anger into other areas of our lives.

I have created a few exercises to help you process the hurt and the pain so you can move ahead and live your best life.

Exercise 1:

I would like for you to grab a journey or a notebook that will be dedicated just to your healing. Make it a colorful, happy one. After all isn't that what we are going for, a happy life?

Your first assignment is to help you mourn your loss, this is a multi step exercise. I want you to take as much time as needed to do this exercise. If you feel overwhelmed and need to walk away for a little while please do so.

  1. I need you to write down all the times up till now that have caused you pain. Everything- if it comes to mind write it down. This can be a person, an event, anything. I just want you to make that list for now, we will deal with each thing on your list in a bit. Now I want you to put it down and walk away from it for 3 or 4 days. Give yourself some time to be away from all that heaviest and pain.

  2. I want you to take time to explore what you expected from the relationship and didn’t get? How did that make you feel?

Please write down everything you felt. After you have done this for each pain point I want you to tear those pages out of your journal/notebook. Next I want you to read each one outloud and imagine you are reading it to the person who caused you the pain. Tell them how you felt. It is ok to cry, to be angry. Don't run from the emotions you are feeling, lean into them. It is time to acknowledge the hurt you have been holding on to and to mourn the pain.

After you have completed this exercise I want you to either tear that list into tiny pieces and throw it away or burn it in a safe place, as not to start a fire. This signifies you releasing the pain.

I would love to know how this exercise helped you and what clarity you gained from it. Please leave a comment or send me an email at : speakoutgetoutstayout@gmail.com.

If you would like to talk more about your situation just send me an email at with your contact information and I will get ahold of you.

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