• Gina Kendall Lusardi

Forgive Yourself. You did the best you could!

Every one of us has had at least a few times in our lives when we haven’t been or done our best.

It is time to let yourself off the hook

Times we did less than perfect. After all we are human. When we look back over our lives we all see situations and circumstances that we shake our heads at, maybe even cringe at. Some of those times may be from our childhood and some from our time as adults. We did our best for where we were and what we knew at the time. It is OK to look back over our lives and see areas that we may not be so proud of and that is 1000% OK. That is how we learn ,grow and evolve as humans.

Just because we had things happen to us,or we did things that may not be so perfect we have to learn to forgive ourselves in order for us to move forward in this life and to move past that period in our lives. We did the best we could in order for us to live bigger and better going forward we must learn from what happened, examine it, extract the lesson and apply it moving forward.

Can you imagine having to live the same day, event, moment over and over everyday? I know that there are some out there who feel like that is just what they are doing every single day of your lives. For one reason or another they can't move forward from their past. They are living their entire life in that traumatic event. Some live traumatized by that moment, that event, that person, that thing. They have internalized it and even made it home for them for the rest of their lives.

Why is it so hard for really forgive?

One of the hardest things we have to do in this world is to forgive. But is also one of the best things we can do for ourselves in this world. God doesn’t want us to live being broken or traumatized. God wants us to have peace and joy. You may be saying i’m not going to forgive so and so. They did this and they did that. I get it…. It took we decades to “forgive”people in my life who caused me pain, who hurt me on a soul level. I don't even think they knew they cut me so deeply. Most of the time that is the case. The person , place or event that has caused you so much turmoil and pain probably doesn’t even remember the event or they caused you pain.

As much as we would all like a time machine so we can travel back in time to change events, we can’t. Moving forward in this big beautiful life in order for us to live in peace we must:

1. Forgive ourselves for what we see has lack in a situation. Tell yourself that you did the best you could with what you knew and what the situation was.

2. We need to look at that event, find the lesson, learn from it and take the good you find and move forward. If you just can't find the lesson you were suppose to learn ask God what it is, HE’ll show you.

3. Forgive them. Not for them but for your own happiness and peace. Forgiveness is not forgetting, it is simply healing.

Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behavior. Forgiveness prevents their behavior from destroying your heart and your life.

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