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Three Speaking Topics:


Empowering Teens

To Build Healthy Relationships

This is a 45 minute evidence based curriculum that helps teens aged 11-19 to identify healthy relationships, recognize 8 characteristics of healthy relationships, compare and contrast healthy behaviors with unhealthy behaviors, and to demonstrate effective communication skills in healthy relationships. 

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Intimate Partner Violence on College Campuses

This presentation is geared toward college students. During this presentation, I will be touching on the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship, the different forms of abuse, where to find help if you find yourself a victim of abuse while a student on campus, the warning signs of a potentially abusive relationship, and giving you 5 simple steps to safely leave an unhealthy or abusive relationship. 

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Carrying A Heavy Load

This is a journey that will walk you through an abusive relationship from start to finish. This journey will take you from being a confident woman who loves life and sees the best in everyone to contemplating suicide after years of abuse. You will take a journey with these women; from falling in love with prince charming, to riding the roller coaster of an abusive relationship and being burdened with carrying the heavy load of a domestic abusive relationship.  At the end, you will learn to recognize the signs of domestic abuse and the effects it has on those you care about and you will learn how to help a friend, a loved one or  yourself break the cycle of abuse for good.

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Domestic Abuse Hotline


National Sexual Assault Hotline


Child help National Child Abuse Hotline


Suicide Hotline