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Three Speaking Topics:


Empowering Teens

To Build Healthy Relationships

This is a 45 minute evidence based curriculum that helps teens aged 11-19 to identify healthy relationships, recognize 8 characteristics of healthy relationships, compare and contrast healthy behaviors with unhealthy behaviors, and to demonstrate effective communication skills in healthy relationships. 

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Intimate Partner Violence on College Campuses

This presentation is geared toward college students. During this presentation, I will be touching on the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship, the different forms of abuse, where to find help if you find yourself a victim of abuse while a student on campus, the warning signs of a potentially abusive relationship, and giving you 5 simple steps to safely leave an unhealthy or abusive relationship. 

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Domestic Abuse Hotline


National Sexual Assault Hotline


Child help National Child Abuse Hotline


Suicide Hotline